Our Activities


Our activities are focussed on play.  All children and young people need to play.  The impulse to play is innate.  Play is a biological and social necessity and is fundamental to the healthy development and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

By engaging in freely chosen play children;

  • – gain confidence
  • – learn to develop as individuals and members of the community
  • – learn how to make decisions
  • – learn how to negotiate and build strong relationships through working and playing in groups or alone
  • – learn to take control of their environment
  • – learn creative problem-solving skills
  • – and more…

For the above reasons, the prime focus and essence of our work with children is to support and facilitate the play process.  This informs the development of our policies, staff training and play opportunities provided.

Sample Activities and Equipment related to above

  • – Art and Craft
  • – Cooking and Baking
  • – Sports (Football, dodgeball, netball, athletics and more)
  • – Indoor sports
  • – Table sports (Snooker, pool, table football, table tennis and more
  • – Xbox
  • – Reading area
  • – Roleplay area
  • – Floor play
  • – Free play
  • – Jigsaw Puzzles
  • – Learning Games
  • – Film and popcorn
  • – Outings to theme parks
  • – And more……


Children with homework are encouraged to complete this using the quiet room.  The quiet area is also provided for use by children who just want to have a quiet time by themselves.


Children have access to a vast outdoor area (football field) that offers them an immense opportunity.  Children have access to a rich menu of multisports delivered by an experienced coach.  This includes football, tennis, athletics, rounders, dodgeball, hockey, cricket and more.

For our EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) children the multi-sports programme is aimed at developing children as follows:

  • Physical development – Moving and handling and being healthy
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Forming relationships, self-confidence and self-awareness, managing feelings and behaviour
  • Communication and Language – Listening and attention, understanding and  speaking

The outdoors also offers children freeplay, exploring nature as well as all the excitement that the outdoor environment offers.